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Kathy Edwards anniversary

Kathy Edwards Celebrates 15 Years With APEX Group

Kathy Edwards joined APEX Surface Care, an APEX Group Company, as business development director for the Houston market in November 2007 and currently serves as senior account executive. We recently asked Kathy to reflect on the last 15 years and share some of her fondest memories and biggest lessons learned.

1. What do you remember about your first day on the job? 

My initiation was to join the corporate office in Grapevine for a pumpkin carving contest! I remember CEO Thomas Holland carved the best pumpkin of the day. It was a very fine piece of work featuring a pumpkin vomiting its guts out (seeds and yucky pumpkin gunk).

2. How has your job changed over the years?

As the years have passed, I’ve been able to mentor many people in all of the different markets. It has been very rewarding.

3. What do you like most about your job? 

That’s easy: the relationships I have built with my team and my clients. I’ve also enjoyed becoming an expert in the field.

4. How would you describe the company culture? 

I have been in the maintenance/restoration Industry for over 32 years (although I’ve only been with two companies), and APEX Surface Care has been an excellent place to build and grow my career. The collaborative environment, morals and ethics here are second to none.

5. What has been your biggest achievement or success in your time with APEX Surface Care?

We started out with only two people, an operations manager and a technician, and look at us now! We have built the brand in Houston and have serviced many large corporations while maintaining a great team atmosphere. It is so rewarding to represent excellence and value and to sell needs rather than just price.

6. What has been your biggest “lesson learned“ in your time with APEX Surface Care? 

I’ve learned to turn down business if the project is not part of our core competencies. You always want to help your clients, but you also need to play to your strengths.

7. Do you have any favorite memories from your time with APEX Surface Care? 

I discovered some hidden talents of our team members at karaoke. We’ve gone to World Workplace gatherings together and played golf with clients at BOMA and IFMA tournaments. We’ve made some really great costumes for the IFMA Houston Bowling Tournament (sumo wrestlers, pirates and zombies are a few favorites). My time here has been full of special friendships and memories!