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The Do’s and Don’ts When Hiring a Critical Space Cleaning Provider

Selecting the right critical space cleaning provider is, well, critical. Choose wisely, and you’ll prosper. Choose poorly, and you’ll be dealing with equipment failures, downtime and disruption. When it comes to hiring a critical space cleaning provider, there are things that facility managers should be doing—and then there are things they absolutely should not be…

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Tips and Tricks: Carpet Care

At APEX Surface Care, we help our clients extend the life of their carpets through regular deep cleanings. But while our experienced carpet technicians do an excellent job, we will be the first to admit that quarterly, semi-annual or annual deep cleanings aren’t enough to protect your investment. To truly keep your carpet looking new…

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5 Signs You Need a New Critical Space Cleaning Provider

Critical spaces such as data centers are full of sensitive electronic equipment, and like other sensitive assets, these environments must be handled with care. Regularly scheduled cleanings performed by trained and certified technicians can keep your data center running efficiently and effectively, while improper or inadequate cleaning can damage your equipment and ultimately your brand.…

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3 Reasons You Should Separate Floor Care From Janitorial Services

Your facility’s floors are an investment, and like any other investment, you want to protect them. But protecting your floors goes beyond vacuuming the carpet each night and mopping up spills as they occur.  Too often, facility managers trust their janitorial staff with their floor care. To truly maintain the look—and value—of your floors, however,…

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When Choosing a Floor Care Vendor, People Are More Important Than Price (Really)

Choosing the right vendor for your floor maintenance needs is an important decision. Not only do you want your floors to last a long time, but you want your relationship with your flooring maintenance company to as well. Changing vendors is costly and disruptive. In fact, a recent industry study found that 7 in 10…

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Your Janitorial Company Doesn’t Suck (and That’s the Problem)

When it comes to cleaning your carpets, all companies are not created equal. Sure, the carpets in your office might look clean at first glance after a visit from your janitorial company. You don’t see any noticeably dirty areas, and the neatly lined pattern shows someone vacuumed. But it’s fairly likely your carpets are still…