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we are apex surface care

Providing Commercial Surface & Building Care Solutions

for Image Conscious Facilities throughout the US and Canada.

Reliable solutions and remarkable results—from floor to ceiling when you partner with APEX.

We know that keeping a building running smoothly is a task of heroic proportions.

The last thing you need is another vendor to run after. Whether you manage one facility or many, having a team of partners you can count on is crucial.

APEX Surface Care provides expert solution-based maintenance and restoration services for your floors, upholstery, wood, stone and metal.

So you can take commercial floor maintenance off your to-do list... for good.

Trusted relationships

Our passion is building strong relationships based on reliable results, so you can keep your surfaces sparkling clean with the minimal disruption.


Over the last 20 years, we’ve worked in almost every facility imaginable. We have the experience to make sure you get the right solution, at the right price.

Customized Solutions

With our national network and comprehensive menu of services, we extend the life of all surfaces across all your facilities—no matter where you are.

Good morning. Do you know where your surface care provider has been?

Measurable Results

Ever wondered if your service provider actually showed up? Acquire a 24/7 window into our world: track service and measure KPIs with our custom CF360 enterprise application.

is it time to switch floor providers?

Are you paying for surface care...
but you’re not really feeling cared for?

That's why we’ve developed a proven process to make switching to us a breeze.


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Let’s co-create a solution that works for your space... and your budget.

We will take care of you every step of the way, including growing and shifting with the changing needs of your business. We are here to support you in maintaining a clean, healthy and attractive facility.

Trusted by the most trusted brands.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with these amazing companies:


“You can’t buy loyalty. You can only earn it, day in and day out, with ongoing, never-ending compassion, and dedication to delivering excellent service experiences.”

— Thomas Holland, CEO

Featured Testimonials

...because happy clients say
it best!


“The refurbishing of our tile floors turned out beautifully. The color of the tile along with the grout restoration has added new life to both rooms. By choosing your company we saved thousands of dollars in renovation expenses and it turned out better than you had promised.”

University of Texas at Arlington


“The Saturday and Sunday crew from Corporate Floors did a great job. The tile floors and carpets look great.”  —Thank you!

JLL- General Motors


“As a Facility Manager for over 30 years, I always implement a carpet cleaning program at my offices. It is not just to maintain a professional look for the office but more so to provide a healthy work environment for our employees as well as extend the life of the carpet.”



“…  And just so you know, the carpets are PERFECT!!! Seriously, the best cleaning we have ever had!”

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management


“I just have to say that your team is by far my favorite vendor to work with!  You guys ROCK!!” —Thank you!



“Very happy. Several people stopped him and want their floors done. Need your cards.” 

Lackey de Carvajal Cx


“Carpet cleaning can help reduce the health care cost a company incurs when carpets are not cleaned and pollutants, dust, and mold can be trapped in the carpet. The expense to replace carpet can have a large impact on the budget extending the life eliminates early replacement and savings to the budget.”



“Conference Center foyer floor is finished and your crew did a fabulous job as always. I appreciate you all working us in during this crazy month.”

Abilene Civic Center


“We have been very happy with Corporate Floor’s service over the years. Always responsive and very willing to address any concerns we might have. We sincerely appreciate you all.”


Let us be the sidekick to your superhero...

...and stop your surfaces from stressing you out.