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Apex Rewards

We Want More Great Clients Like You

Do you know someone who can benefit from our services? Send them our way, and we’ll thank you by crediting your account or giving back to your community when they become a client.

Apex Rewards is our referral program that allows you to earn money or give back to the community simply by referring your colleagues.

  • If someone you refer signs up for a maintenance program, we will give you a dollar-for-dollar credit equal to one month of the annualized total of their program. For example, if your referral executes a program equal to $12,000 per year, you’ll receive a credit of $1,000 to your account.
  • If someone you refer completes a one-off project with us, we will give you a credit equal to 10% of the project invoice. For example, if your referral completes a project of $5,000, you’ll receive a credit of $500.

There's no limit to the number of referrals you can make!

You have two options for applying your referral reward.

Option 1: Pay it forward

You can elect to have your referral reward credited toward our Community Giveback Program. This program provides pro bono cleaning and disinfecting services to nonprofit agencies that support women and children in crisis as well as the homeless. We will make every attempt to use your credit for nonprofit work in your community where possible.

Option 2: Receive a credit to your account

You can choose to have your referral reward credited to an account of your choice. You may be able to completely cover the costs of your own maintenance program through referrals! For example, if you manage the public spaces of a multi-tenant facility and refer the tenants to us, you will receive a referral reward for each tenant who becomes a client. The rewards can add up quickly!

Ready to get started? Just complete the form on the right and one of our team members will contact you for more details.

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