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APEX Group Makes Terrazzo Floors Shine Again for TechnipFMC

The Situation

TechnipFMC is a global technology provider to the energy industry with more than 20,000 employees in 41 countries. Its state-of-the-art U.S. headquarters building in Houston contains 35,000 square feet of stunning terrazzo flooring. In early 2023, Facility Manager Sabrina Gomez noticed that after eight years of use, the floors no longer gleamed the way they once did.

“We had our janitorial staff cleaning the floor, but it just wasn’t getting that shine anymore,” Gomez said.

Gomez had previously met APEX Group Senior Account Executive Kathy Edwards at an International Facility Management Association (IFMA) conference. She mentioned the lackluster flooring to Edwards, who offered to send a team from APEX Group out to do a demo. Gomez was immediately impressed with the results.

“My janitorial company told me, ‘We can do that,’ and I said, ‘Then prove it to me because that’s what I’ve been asking you to do,’” Gomez said. “They did a demo right next to what APEX Group did, and there was no comparison. It didn’t have that same glass shine.”

The Solution

The terrazzo specialists at APEX Group spent about three weeks restoring the floors to their former glory. It wasn’t an easy or straightforward process; some areas had polyurethane and some didn’t, and the team discovered they had to strip off several layers when they encountered it before resealing the flooring. Edwards had built this possibility into the original bid, which Gomez appreciated.

“They didn’t give us a bid assuming that the whole thing was going to have urethane on it,” Gomez said. “They gave us a bid assuming that it wouldn’t and then a price they would have to add on if they ran into it.”

Gomez also appreciated the communication she received from Edwards and Regional Vice President of Sales John Davern. Both called her regularly to check in and sent updates via email.

“They reached out to me a lot more than I reached out to them, that’s for sure,” she said.

The Result

By the time APEX Group completed the project, the flooring looked like new again.

“It looked amazing. It still looks amazing,” Gomez said. “I even posted a photo on LinkedIn so everyone could see how good it looks.”

Gomez noted that APEX Group’s assistance has extended far beyond this one project. She also brought APEX Group in to deep clean some flooring in the breakrooms that the janitorial staff was struggling to keep clean. Once the work was complete, the APEX Group team educated the janitorial team on the best way to maintain the floors between deep cleanings, explaining which products they should use and why. Gomez was impressed with APEX Group’s willingness to share their expertise and partner with the janitorial staff to help her keep her floors looking their best for longer at the lowest cost possible.

“There’s janitorial, and then there’s surface care specialists,” Gomez said. “Before I worked with APEX Group, I didn’t understand the difference. Now I do.”

For more than 25 years, APEX Group has provided specialty surface care, critical space cleaning and construction cleaning to some of the world’s most recognized brands and companies. In addition to high-end surfaces like terrazzo and marble flooring, APEX Group cares for carpets, resilient flooring, tile flooring, metal, wood, textiles and overhead surfaces. Through solution-oriented partnerships, APEX Group helps its clients protect both their investments and their brand. To learn more about how APEX Group provides remarkable results from floor to ceiling, call 844-462-7391 or schedule a consultation today.