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Public University Relies on APEX for Terrazzo Restoration

The Situation

Terrazzo floors are elegant, timeless and extremely durable—which is critical when thousands of people walk on them. At one public university in Texas, almost 25,000 students, staff and visitors enter the student union every single day. The building, which houses restaurants, ballrooms, meeting space and administrative offices, contains about 65,000 square feet of terrazzo flooring. 

While terrazzo is an ideal choice for high-traffic areas, it still needs regular maintenance in order to maintain its appearance. When the time came for the flooring’s manufacturer-recommended maintenance, the operations manager at the student union decided to bring in a new company instead of calling the vendor who had worked on the floors previously. 

“Our purchasing department had selected a company out of New Jersey last time,” the manager said. “I was surprised because they had no Texas affiliates. It was just two guys who drove down by themselves.”

Not only did the company not have all the necessary equipment—the men had to purchase a burnisher after they arrived—but it also didn’t have a reliable team.

“They had to hire local workers,” the manager said. “Some of the guys worked out, and some didn’t. The work was inconsistent.”

The Solution

Instead of undergoing another nationwide search and risking another underwhelming experience, the operations manager decided to select a local company from the list of vendors prescreened and approved by the State of Texas. He had never worked with APEX Surface Care before, but after having a good conversation with Vice President of Sales John Davern, he felt confident moving forward.

Right away, he could tell this experience was going to be different.

“They had a consistent group of workers who knew what they were doing. That was obvious from the beginning, and it was reflected in the quality and expediency of their work,” he said.

The APEX team wasn’t just quick; they were also accommodating. 

“The other company tried to work when we were open. It wasn’t good,” the manager said. “APEX was able to work overnight when the building was closed and we didn’t have people in the building.”

The Result

APEX recommended a modified application process, which was less labor intensive and more efficient. In the end, the APEX team was able to complete the restoration in a fraction of the time it took the previous company. APEX also had the ability to refinish the curved cove base, which the other company could not do.

Best of all, the operations manager knew what was happening every step of the way.

“The communication with APEX from beginning to end was great. It was like night and day when compared to the previous company,” he said. “They get an A+ from me.” 

The manager said he would be happy to work with APEX again, noting the ease of securing them as a partner and the excellent customer service from start to finish. 

“It was a good experience. I know what a good experience is and what a bad experience is, and I got to see both,” he said. “I am happy that our partnership with APEX was a good one.”

Since 1997, APEX Surface Care has maintained and restored millions of interior square feet for image-conscious companies. In addition to high-end surfaces like terrazzo and marble flooring, APEX cares for carpets, resilient flooring, tile flooring, metal, wood and textiles. Through solution-oriented partnerships, APEX helps its clients protect both their investments and their brand. To learn more about how APEX provides remarkable results from floor to ceiling, call 844-462-7391 or visit