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APEX Surface Care Success Story

How a Leading Global Workspace Provider Helped Its Clients Breathe Easy During the COVID-19 Pandemic With Support from APEX

The Situation

As a global workspace provider with locations in practically every city in the world, one APEX client is responsible for ensuring its facilities are comfortable, clean and healthy for its customers, who range from individuals to multibillion-dollar corporations. 

“We provide fit-out and fully serviced space,” said the organization’s regional facilities director. “Some are co-working spaces, and some are fully managed offices.” 

The company has been partnering with APEX for specialty cleaning, including carpet and textiles cleaning, for years. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, the APEX team let them know they also provided enhanced cleaning and disinfection services. 

The facilities director took note. With so many different clients and so many people walking in and out of the company’s locations each day, he knew it was only a matter of time before there was a confirmed case of COVID-19 on-site. When the first case was reported, he picked up the phone and called his contact at APEX.

“We already had a good working relationship with APEX, and we were happy to turn to them for disinfection services as well,” he said. “We knew they had a great network that would be able to service our locations across the country.”

“We’re very happy with them as a vendor, and our finance team is very happy with their pricing. APEX is our first choice.”
–Facilities Director

The Solution

When there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 at a U.S. location, the facilities director calls APEX to check availability and schedule a disinfection. He receives a confirmation within the hour, and the service is usually scheduled for that same day. The location typically is able to open the following day.

“You can’t ask for a better response time,” the facilities director said. 

The APEX team maintains open communication on the progress of each job and submits a certificate of completion and customer satisfaction survey after the job is completed.  

“They really have the process streamlined,” he said. “They won’t even submit the invoice until I’ve indicated my satisfaction on the survey.”

The Result

Since March, APEX has disinfected more than 80 of the company’s locations across the country, some multiple times.

“APEX is our primary provider,” the facilities director said. “Over the past 16 weeks, we have averaged one case a day across the U.S., and APEX has completed the vast majority of those cleanings.”

The company has hired other providers in the rare instance when APEX has been unable to service a particular site due to availability or geographic location. The facilities director noted that both the pricing and the service of these other providers can’t compare.

“The pricing from outside vendors was all over the board. In some of the harder-hit markets in particular, we were getting gouged,” he said. “They were overcharging because they could.”

He also found that many vendors didn’t have the most effective equipment, including electrostatic sprayers. As a result, they were charging high hourly rates for manual disinfection. He knows he can trust APEX to use the right equipment and products and charge a reasonable rate.

“APEX has always been straight with me,” he said. “They’re our preferred provider for the services they provide, including infection prevention and disinfection.”

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