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APEX Surface Care Success Story

How a Global Payments Technology Company Maintained a Healthy Workplace During the Pandemic With Help From APEX

The Situation

A global payments technology company first partnered with APEX more than five years ago when it needed its restroom floors cleaned at one of its corporate offices. That partnership grew to include tile cleaning. Then the company asked APEX to start cleaning its carpets.

“Today, they do all the floor care in our three buildings,” said the facilities director. “They also handle our furniture cleaning as needed.”

When the coronavirus began to spread in the United States, the partnership expanded even more. The company initiated a trial work-from-home period before the official shutdown. Only about 150 of the 2,000 employees who work in the buildings remained on-site to perform essential duties that could not be done remotely. During this time, the company brought in APEX to thoroughly clean and disinfect its buildings, which total about 375,000 square feet.

“We wanted to be proactive about infection prevention in our buildings,” the facilities director said. “We knew APEX already provided infection control services, so they were our natural choice.”

The Solution

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, APEX has provided regular infection prevention services to help the company maintain a healthy work environment. They also have cleaned and disinfected between scheduled services as needed.

“One time we had to call an ambulance for a visitor who wasn’t feeling well at one of our buildings,” the facilities director said. “While it didn’t turn out to be a case of COVID-19, we knew our building was at increased risk due to the number of paramedics who had entered the building. We called APEX out to disinfect, and they were there within a couple of hours.”

“APEX’s biggest strength is in their customer service. It’s simply outstanding.”
—Facilities Director

By maintaining a regular infection prevention schedule even when the buildings are closed, the company is able to assure its employees that they are doing everything they can to provide the safest work environment when it’s time to return to the office.

“We trust APEX to help us keep our workplace clean and healthy,” the facilities director said. “And we know they’ll do it at a very competitive price.”

The Result

In addition to peace of mind, the APEX team has provided unparalleled customer service during a period of great uncertainty.

“They have a steady team,” the facilities director said. “They know which products we use, and they know my expectations. They’re really good at figuring out ways to make things work to keep me happy.”

APEX works closely with other contractors as needed. The facilities director noted that APEX employees are always professional with everyone they encounter.

“They come in not as a competitor, but as a true partner. They’re really good at working with other contractors,” she said.

She notes that APEX is constantly innovating and determining how to be more efficient—and it pays off, literally, for clients.

“Over the years, they’ve implemented new efficiencies that have lowered their costs, and those reduced costs are reflected in their proposals,” she said. “They pass along the savings to us.”

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