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Stop overpaying for facility disinfection

The secret to facility disinfection and not overpaying

“I want to overpay for facility disinfection & cleaning”

… Said no one ever.

When you are in crisis-mode, the profiteers start circling.

Infection control, disinfection, viral mitigation, bio-hazard remediation services… no matter what it’s called, it feels like everyone is buying electrostatic sprayers, calling themselves experts and charging facility managers an arm, and a leg for disinfection services.

Beyond being overcharged by these newcomers, what else can go wrong?

  • Disinfectants used may be on the N List but that doesn’t mean they are safe.
  • Areas disinfected may not be covered correctly. Ask how your service company provides assurance of proper coverage?
  • Scopes not defined. Be sure you know what you are getting.
  • Unreliable or consumer-grade equipment beings used rather than proper, commercial equipment.

Get advice from the real experts on facility disinfection

As a 24-year provider of specialty surface care, and a 10-year provider of infection control services, our team at APEX Surface Care is ready to help you breathe easy.

We don’t just use the right products; we use them correctly to get the job done without damaging your surfaces or harming your team.

Here is how we are different:

  • ISSA CIMS Green Building Certified (with honors)
  • Fast and affordable reactive disinfection & cleaning after an outbreak. As well as proactive programs for building reentry and beyond.
  • Cleaning for health may be a new concept for some, but we have over a decade of experience cleaning and disinfecting some of America’s largest facilities.
  • We use the safest disinfectants that are N-List certified.
  • Our entire team is certified infection prevention experts, meaning we understand the proper protocols.

Life is crazy enough without having to worry about being taken advantage of by profiteers gouging your budget.

Contact us today for a free consultation on your cleaning and disinfecting needs. We’re happy to design or modify a program to help your employees breathe easy.

Expect Better. Get Better.

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