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APEX Announces Its Community Giveback Program

Dear friends and colleagues

During the troubling times related to the COVID-19 pandemic, APEX Surface Care, a national specialty maintenance provider for the commercial office market, has created a Community Giveback Program. APEX Surface Care is a dba of Corporate Floors, a Public Benefit Corporation and this aligns with one of our social missions of “advancing our employees and the communities in which they work”.  

We recently benefited from a very generous customer who elected to continue paying us for building maintenance services we were unable to deliver as their buildings were closed.  With their permission, we have created a 1,000 man hour bank of pro bono hours that we’d like to use to benefit specific categories of non-profit agencies including, but not limited to:

  1. Women’s Shelters
  2. Child Crisis Centers
  3. Homeless Shelters and Food Banks

The pro-bono services we are providing are:

  1. Disinfection services: A service we’ve offered for over 10 years, we provide electrostatic applied disinfection services, as well as touchpoint and Level 2 cleaning and disinfecting.  We use only EPA N list registered products, our Technicians are trained and wear the appropriate PPE.
  2. Carpet and floor cleaning and sanitizing: Carpet and soft surfaces trap pathogens and are important to keep clean and sanitized to slow the spread rate of any virus or bacteria.
  3. Labor related to the needs of the agency, i.e packing or serving meals, etc.

Due to the critical nature of these services and the needs of the agencies involved, we have decided as a company to make this 1,000-hour commitment a permanent, annual contribution to our community.  Our Technicians are all full time, benefited and background checked employees who are passionate about doing the right thing.

If you or someone you know represents a 501c3 agency related to the categories above and have a need for these services, we’d like to help.  Please reach out directly to me at or to our general helpline at  



Thomas Holland