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APEX Surface Care Success Story

Parkway Trusts APEX to Restore Marble Floors

The Situation

When Parkway Property Investments renovated the main lobby in its Houston office, the company installed beautiful new marble flooring. The real estate investment firm, which operates commercial office assets throughout the Sun Belt region, knew marble floors made an elegant and lasting impression. They were the perfect match for a firm that prides itself on offering world-class strategies and services.

Unfortunately, the floors didn’t stay beautiful for long. A subcontractor damaged the flooring while working on a different part of the renovation. The new floors ended up with extensive—and unattractive—scratches. 

The general contractor hired another company to fix the flooring. But restoring marble floors involves more than expensive equipment; it requires extensive training. Even though marble is a natural stone, it is relatively soft and therefore susceptible to scratching or even cracking and breaking if not properly maintained. Contractors who do not have a lot of experience working with marble floors can make a bad situation worse, which is exactly what happened.

“That company tried to grind out the scratches, further damaging the stone,” said Patti Davis, senior property manager. 

Parkway’s dream floors were quickly turning into a nightmare.

The Solution

Parkway staff weren’t the only ones to notice the scratches. APEX Surface Care has worked with the firm on a number of projects over the years, and a visiting team member saw the damage and offered a free demo to show how it could be fixed. 

Once given the go-ahead, the APEX team restored a small area of the flooring. They also provided an observation report and step-by-step description of the work performed. Relieved to see the damage could be undone, Davis asked the general contractor to have the flooring repaired.

“The contractor brought in a different vendor to do the work,” Davis said. “We then asked APEX to return and evaluate the results.”

The news wasn’t good: The APEX team noticed the scratches had not been fully removed. They provided another observation report.

The Result

In the end, the general contractor agreed to pay to have APEX fix the floor. APEX repaired the damage and restored the floors to their former glory.

“After the APEX team was done, the floor looked like new,” Davis said. “We were extremely happy with the results.”

Parkway has since hired APEX for ongoing maintenance as well as the renovation and diamond polishing of a terrazzo floor. The APEX team has also educated the company’s staff and janitorial partners on routine maintenance, explaining how different flooring types have different needs and require different solutions.

“I highly recommend the professionals at APEX Surface Care,” Davis said. “APEX has become our trusted floor care partner.”

Since 1997, APEX Surface Care has maintained and restored millions of interior square feet for image-conscious companies. In addition to high-end surfaces like marble and terrazzo flooring, APEX cares for carpets, resilient flooring, tile flooring, metal, wood and textiles. Through solution-oriented partnerships, APEX helps its clients protect both their investments and their brand. To learn more about how APEX provides remarkable results from floor to ceiling, call 844-462-7391 or visit

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