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Long-Lasting Surface Coating That Protects Against COVID-19 for Up to 90 Days!


SurfaceWise2 is the first and only EPA-approved antiviral surface coating proven to continuously kill 99.9% of viruses including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, within two hours.

Tired of reacting to COVID-19?

Proactively protect your employees with coverage that continuously kills the coronavirus.

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  • Continuous Coverage
  • Durable & Long-Lasting
  • Practical & Efficient
  • EPA-Approved

“SurfaceWise2 creates an invisible barrier on surfaces, which physically breaks down and kills virus cells.”

— Dr. Charles Gerba, a leading infectious disease expert


How It Works


SurfaceWise2 is applied to high-touch hard surfaces via electrostatic spraying.


As viruses come into contact with the antiviral coating, the cleaning agent physically breaks them down.


SurfaceWise2 provides a sustained protection barrier and begins killing new viruses on contact.

Don’t be fooled by products that make the same claims without the same proof. The EPA has not approved any other products that offer continuous control of viruses.


Continuously Active Protection

SurfaceWise2 is the first and only continuously active antiviral approved by the EPA for emergency use to kill COVID-19.

Critical Performance QualitiesSurfaceWise2Traditional Cleaning Products
EPA-approved to be effective against the coronavirusYESYES
Kills 99.9% of viruses, including the flu and SARS-CoV-2YESYES
Provides ongoing protection to fight COVID-19YESNO
Zero downtime needed; odorless and dries quicklyYESNO
Scientifically proven to offer long-lasting sanitizationYESNO
Non-toxic and non-irritating with no harmful vapors or gasesYESNO
Safe for surfaces, people and the environmentYESNO
Won’t wipe off with repeated cleaning — even with harsh or abrasive chemicalsYESNO
Prevents surfaces from becoming immediately recontaminated as soon as they are touchedYESNO

Finally, a product that provides ongoing protection!

SurfaceWise2 claims have been proven through third-party testing and validated by EPA approval.

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APEX Surface Care is a preferred partner and is authorized by Allied BioScience to provide professional application of SurfaceWise2, in-house application training and certification, surface coating monitoring, and regulatory compliance support. We are working with Allied BioScience on the specific use waivers required by the EPA for multi-state applications.

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