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Long-Lasting Surface Coating That Protects Against COVID-19 for Up to 90 Days!


SurfaceWise2 is the first and only EPA-approved antiviral surface coating proven to continuously kill 99.9% of viruses including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, within two hours.

Tired of reacting to COVID-19?

Proactively protect your employees with coverage that continuously kills the coronavirus.

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  • Continuous Coverage
  • Durable & Long-Lasting
  • Practical & Efficient
  • EPA-Approved

“SurfaceWise2™ creates an invisible barrier on surfaces, which physically breaks down and kills virus cells.”

— Dr. Charles Gerba, a leading infectious disease expert


How It Works

Surfacewise2 - step 1

SurfaceWise2 is applied to high-touch hard surfaces via electrostatic spraying.

Surfacewise2 - step 2

As viruses come into contact with the antiviral coating, the cleaning agent physically breaks them down.

Surfacewise2 - step 3

SurfaceWise2 provides a sustained protection barrier and begins killing new viruses on contact.

Don’t be fooled by products that make the same claims without the same proof. The EPA has not approved any other products that offer continuous control of viruses.


Continuously Active Protection

SurfaceWise2™ is the first and only continuously active antiviral approved by the EPA for emergency use to kill COVID-19.

Critical Performance QualitiesSurfaceWise2Traditional Cleaning Products
EPA-approved to be effective against the coronavirusYESYES
Kills 99.9% of viruses, including the flu and SARS-CoV-2YESYES
Provides ongoing protection to fight COVID-19YESNO
Zero downtime needed; odorless and dries quicklyYESNO
Scientifically proven to offer long-lasting sanitizationYESNO
Non-toxic and non-irritating with no harmful vapors or gasesYESNO
Safe for surfaces, people and the environmentYESNO
Won’t wipe off with repeated cleaning — even with harsh or abrasive chemicalsYESNO
Prevents surfaces from becoming immediately recontaminated as soon as they are touchedYESNO

Finally, a product that provides ongoing protection!

SurfaceWise2 claims have been proven through third-party testing and validated by EPA approval.

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APEX Surface Care is a preferred partner and is authorized by Allied BioScience to provide professional application of SurfaceWise2, in-house application training and certification, surface coating monitoring, and regulatory compliance support. We are working with Allied BioScience on the specific use waivers required by the EPA for multi-state applications.

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SurfaceWise2 Antiviral Surface Coating
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happens if my janitorial provider cleans the surface with a disinfectant after SurfaceWise2™ has been applied?

If the janitorial company applies a disinfectant to the treated surface, it will not harm the product.

Are other products like this coming to the market?

There are many long-lasting antimicrobials on the market. SurfaceWise2™ is the only EPA-approved antiviral product that provides lasting protection against COVID-19.

Why wouldn't I just keep applying a regular disinfectant as needed?Question

The cost of a normal disinfectant application can get expensive. It would only take about 4-6 ES applications of regular disinfectant to equal the annual cost of applying SurfaceWise2™. Plus, regular disinfectants do not provide lasting protection.

Can you apply SurfaceWise2™ to only the touch point areas in my building?

Yes, although we recommend applying the product to all primary work surfaces and contact areas in a building. Think about it this way, are peoples hands only coming in contact with touch points? You want to protect every surface that comes into contact with someone's hands. We typically advise applying the product 6' up the walls.

If I am not on the waiver list, can I still purchase the service?

No. The product can only be purchased via preferred partners who have their Section 18 approval or via preferred partners once Allied BioScience™ receives its broader Section 3 approval.

Can it be applied in cafes and restaurants?

Absolutely! SurfaceWise2™ is a terrific addition to these areas as long as it is not applied to food contact areas (kitchen prep areas).

Can my janitor clean before SurfaceWise2™ is applied, or does APEX need to do this step?

For best results, SurfaceWise2™ needs to be applied to a surface that has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. While the janitorial staff may provide this initial cleaning, APEX may not be able to warranty the results of the application.

How long after applying SurfaceWise2™ can I re-enter the space?

SurfaceWise2™ dries in approximately 5 minutes. The space can be reoccupied 1 hour after the technician breaks down the area and removes all caution signs, tape and draping.

What is the longevity of SurfaceWise2™ on theater seats, specifically velour seats?

On cloth theater seats, there will be more wear. The more important surfaces to treat are the arms and backs of the chairs where people put their hands.

When can we start to use it?

You can start using it as soon as we receive our Section 18 approval or Allied BioScience™ receives its Section 3 approval.

Question What recommendations do you have for supplemental cleaning and disinfection between applications of SurfaceWise2™?

The only supplemental cleaning you need to do in between applications is your ongoing daily cleaning. High touch-point surfaces should be cleaned more frequently than low touch-point surfaces in order to keep biofilm and soil off the surface, just like you should be doing now. There is no need for additional disinfecting.

Can this be applied to an active construction site with dirt and debris?

Yes, but the area would have to be cleaned and disinfected first and actively cleaned daily.

What is the actual deactivation time for viruses?

Viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, begin dying as soon as they come in contact with treated surfaces. SurfaceWise2™ kills 90% of viruses and bacteria within 10 minutes, and 99.9% within 2 hours on treated surfaces. - ABS/Katie

The registrations and pending approvals are very encouraging. Will the product also be included on the EPA's List N?

To be included on the EPA’s List N: Disinfectants for Coronavirus (COVID-19), a product must have an EPA registration number. SurfaceWise2™ is approved by the EPA for emergency use under Section 18 of FIFRA and will receive a registration number once non-emergency approval under FIFRA Section 3 is granted. - ABS/Katie

Do monitors and computers have to be removed when applying SurfaceWise2™?

No. SurfaceWise2™ can be applied directly on and around these items. Depending on the monitor, we may elect to cover the glass prior to spraying.

How long will SARS-CoV-2 survive on treated surfaces? How long will it take for SurfaceWise2™ to kill 99.9% of viruses on a treated surface?

Viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, begin dying as soon as they come in contact with treated surfaces. SurfaceWise2™ kills 90% of viruses and bacteria within 10 minutes, and 99.9% within 2 hours on treated surfaces. - ABS/Katie

Do janitorial team members need to be trained or certified in ongoing cleaning techniques if SurfaceWise2™ has been applied?Question

Do janitorial team members need to be trained or certified in ongoing cleaning techniques if SurfaceWise2™ has been applied?

Does SurfaceWise2™ cause discoloration?

No. The product is invisible if applied correctly.

Can you use alcohol wipes on surfaces treated with SurfaceWise2™?

Alcohol wipes can affect SurfaceWise2™ if they are used immediately following application. After SurfaceWise2™ cures for 12 to 24 hours, wipes shouldn't affect it unless they are more than 90% alcohol.

If you spray too much of SurfaceWise2™ on glass, copper, brass, etc., what is the best way to remove it? How does removal differ if it's wet vs. dry?

We recommend using isopropyl alcohol (90% or higher) to remove it. It's easier to remove wet than dry. If it is dry, it will require a lot of elbow grease.

Does SurfaceWise2™ break down when exposed to UVC lights?


How is this different from Microban™?

Microban™ is an antibacterial product, not an antiviral product. COVID-19 is caused by a virus, not bacteria.

How is using SurfaceWise2™ different from using Clorox 360™ and Razor Antimicrobial Coating™?

Razor Antimicrobial Coating™ is not rated or approved by the EPA for viral treatment. While the initial application of Clorox 360™ may disinfect the area (as will any other disinfectant on the EPA's List N), that is only momentary. As soon as someone walks back into the space, it is reinfected.

How often does SurfaceWise2™ need to be applied?

Independent studies show SurfaceWise2™ is effective for 90 days.

Do you have enough labor to cover demand?

Yes. Thanks to our hybrid self-performed/partner network, we have the ability to scale faster and be less stressed by market demand than if we only self-performed. In addition, we are able to help train and certify our partners to apply the product to their own clients' buildings.

Does SurfaceWise2™ have an odor?

It has a fresh scent.

When will SurfaceWise2™ have broader EPA approval?

We hope by the end of the year, but there are several factors at play.

How are your technicians trained?

APEX technicians undergo several layers of training (as do our licensed partners). All technicians are required to complete a seven-hour infection prevention certification course and have the title of lead technician before they can attend the Allied BioScience™ training. This training is held at both Allied BioScience's™ field lab as well as our own training center. They go through several hours of field and class training that is supplemented by an online course. Finally, technicians must pass a field test from Allied BioScience™.

Are there other preferred partners?

Yes. Please note APEX Surface Care™ is the only national specialty provider to have earned the prestigious ISSA CIMS-GB Certification, which recognizes our commitment to delivering efficient, professional services and a comprehensive green cleaning program; B Corp Certification, which validates our social and environmental performance; and MBE Certification.

What can you use to clean a surface after SurfaceWise2™ has been applied?

You can use any neutral-pH cleaner.

If a waiver has not been granted yet, can the product still be applied?

No. Without a waiver, preferred partners cannot purchase the product.

Does SurfaceWise2™ work against the flu?

Yes. SurfaceWise2™ is effective against 99.9% of viruses and workplace pathogens.

Where has SurfaceWise2™ been applied already?

In addition to being applied in many facilities as part of field and lab tests, SurfaceWise2™ has been used by American Airlines™ and a Texas-based orthopedical medical office chain. These are the only two companies to have received Section 18 approval so far.

Are there any peer-reviewed studies on SurfaceWise2™? If so, are they available?

Yes. You can review these studies at or

How do you confirm that SurfaceWise2™ lasts for 90 days? How do you know it's still working?

There are two methods to confirm whether SurfaceWise2™ is still working. One involves the use of a custom device to measure the viability of the coating, and the other tests for the presence of the product using a specially designed wipe. Both methods can only be performed by preferred partners.

Is an MSDS sheet on SurfaceWise2™ available?

Yes. SurfaceWise2™ is one of the only products that has been peer-reviewed. You can get these studies on at or

What are the chemicals in SurfaceWise2™? Can they be heated, causing the product to return to a "liquid" state that could come into contact with skin?

This is proprietary information, although there is an SDS sheet available. No, SurfaceWise2™ will not return to a "liquid" state if heated.

What is the best way to apply SurfaceWise2™ to help create a safe and healthy building?

Applying SurfaceWise2™ to all (non-food-contact) surfaces that can be touched is a start. Rather than reactively spraying disinfectants all the time, SurfaceWise2™ provides 24/7 protection for 90 days, thereby reducing the excessive use of chemicals in a building.

Is the application of SurfaceWise2™ also EPA approved ?

The EPA approval is for the product itself, which includes an application protocol that is part of the master label.

How do you communicate with building occupants about the use of SurfaceWise2™?

APEX Surface Care™ and our network of partners use a proactive communication strategy througout the entire assessment, pre-application, application and post-application steps of the process. This is designed to ensure all stakeholders are fully aware of the product, its application and its benefits.

What is the shelf life of the product?

SurfaceWise2™ has a shelf life of one year from date of purchase. Allied BioScience™ does not sell it directly.

How should janitorial disinfection procedures change once SurfaceWise2™ has been applied?

Once SurfaceWise2™ is applied and maintained, you should expect your janitorial provider to go back to pre-COVID procedures, as long as those procedures followed general ISSA standards.

Where can I find tests proving the effectiveness or weaknesses of SurfaceWise2™?

Please go to to find the applicable available studies.

Where should SurfaceWise2™ be applied?

While SurfaceWise2™ can be applied to generally any surface, we recommend focusing on hard-surface touch points throughout a facility, including desks, keyboards, phones and workstations, as well as high-traffic areas such as copy rooms, break rooms and dining areas.

How does this impact LEED status?

THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION. What we think the answer is: As an EPA category IV product, SurfaceWise2™ meets the highest safety standards of the EPA. It should have no impact, positive or negative, on the LEED status of a building.

Can SurfaceWise2™ be applied to textiles and soft surfaces?

SurfaceWise2™ is not harmful to textiles, but we do not recommend using it on them. It is designed primarily to protect hard surfaces.

When can I get a quote?

We will be providing site assessments beginning November 1.

How is APEX different from other preferred partners?

All preferred partners must follow the same basic application methods. However, APEX offers more comprehensive pre- and post-testing to ensure the efficacy of the product as well as additional communication strategies and signage to help building occupants breathe easy knowing they are safe. In addition, because APEX is a Certified B Corporation, you can trust you are working with a company that has met the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability and that is committed to using business as a force for good.

Do different types of surfaces (granite, glass, laminated surfaces) affect the length of time that SurfaceWise2™ is effective?

No. The product is equally effective on all hard surfaces. It will eventually wear off, so its longevity is impacted more by the frequency of wear than the type of surface.