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Who We Serve

Corporate Facility Managers

Whatever the size of your facility, we are here to support you.

It's challenging to care for a large corporate facility... we get it.

Constant issues and requests... a never-ending to-do list... and hundreds of employees to care for.

Sound familiar?

Maintaining a clean, healthy and attractive facility is not just essential for your company's brand—it also improves morale and productivity in the office.

With APEX as your service provider, you can do all of that while staying in budget.

We are problem-solving specialists. This means we're dedicated to minimal disruption and being self-motivated and accountable... so that you can focus your time on what’s really important.

And with our sister companies Corporate Floors and Texas Carpet Recycling, you can rest assured that your floor will be cared from for its entire lifecycle—which we will extend as long as possible.

Maximize your budget. Reduce your stress level.

Let us consolidate your vendors into a single scalable solution for your floors and interior assets.